OrbitZ for Windows 10


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OrbitZ is a puzzle game in which you control the planets of the solar system. The task is to bring the data to a specific celestial black hole that absorbs everything (in this case blows up. To move objects using the mouse. First select the object, and then show the directions in which it can move. When pressed, for example, . the right side, the object is moving in that direction. However, it must be something in the way of him to stop. At first we operate the Earth itself, occurs on Saturn, then Mars, etc. On the road facing bombs, flying meteorites, etc.. Often, the player will have to use another celestial body to properly set a specific planet. Position offers sixty five plans, including five first is training. Graphics is at the average level, although this should not interfere with. Annoying can be background music.    Minimum requirements:  Processor: Unknown  RAM: No data  Graphics card: No data  Free hard disk space: Not available  Sound Card: No data